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I'm Zach Walker, The Bearded Realtor.

Your Flat Fee Realtor® in Athens & Madison, Alabama.

My real estate company, Revolved Realty of Athens, will save you thousands of dollars in listing fees while delivering unparalleled customer service and marketing that gets your home sold quickly for the most amount possible! Signage, photos, video, open houses, updates, contracts, negotiation...We handle it all for you at a fraction of the cost. We are not a sell-it-yourself company and we don't simply list it on one MLS website. If you're in the market to buy a house or sell your home in the Athens area, contact me to learn more about our flat-fee real estate process.
We've put this much back into our clients' pockets in 2018:
$ 1 9 6 , 3 9 5
So, How Do We Save Our Clients Money?
Flat Fee Realtor vs Traditional Realtor
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You're Always Informed.

From consultation all the way through closing, we stay in touch with showing feedback and weekly reports on every active home listing within our company.

We Have You in Mind All the Way.

Our business model speaks for itself. Our prioroty is you and not a hefty commission, like other agents. If we think you're getting a bad deal, we'll tell you.
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 One Realtor or a Team of Professionals?

When you choose Revolved Realty, your team will include experienced marketers, talented photographers, and top-notch, licensed agents...all working for you.
Check out our flat fee process and our frequently asked questions for more information
Now That You Get It...Get to Know The Bearded Realtor.


When "Well, this is just how we do business" is no longer acceptable, remember The Bearded Realtor. Revolved Realty of Athens exist solely to provide the best service for less money, with complete transparency. With our model, you protect more of your equity and can expect the same level of service as with a traditional 3% realtor. Why pay more for the same thing? It doesn't make sense right?

Learn to expect more and get to know The Bearded Realtor. Watch the video for a brief introduction to your next real estate professional.
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Buy a New Home

Are you ready to buy a new home in North Alabama? What's on the market now? What is the price of the house I saw just last week?
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Sell Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home in North Alabama but you don't know where to start? Let us explain our flat fee process.
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Find Home Value

What your home worth? Should I sell now? Where do I start on pricing my home? Get the answers from our quick form on

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